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Embracing Returnships for Women to Combat Effects of Pandemic

By Kimberly Kafafian   I hate to say it because we’re in the middle of Women’s History Month, but we’re experiencing a “shecession”. This term was coined by C. Nicole Mason, president and chief executive of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. And, unfortunately, it’s spot on. The pandemic disproportionately left millions of women out […]

Pay Transparency and the Gender Wage Gap

By Kimberly Kafafian   I started my HR career in compensation. Part of my responsibility at that time was to market price entire departments to ensure external competitiveness. I remember how bizarre – and deeply bothersome – it was to focus on external competitiveness while being forced to ignore the disparate pay levels between men […]

Employer Branding’s Importance in Recruitment

By Kimberly Kafafian   Candidates have control of the labor market right now. Full stop. Between COVID and the Great Resignation, the playing field has entirely changed and employees are no longer beholden to their employers. The circumstances of the last two years have employees at all levels, across all sectors and industries, rethinking their […]

How to Gain Employee Loyalty to Survive the Staffing Crisis

By Kimberly Kafafian As you’ve probably already heard, a record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in December of 2021, and that month saw approximately 10.6 job openings. We aren’t really surprised by this latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As HR consultants, we’ve been seeing first-hand the impact the staffing crisis is […]

Recruiting Retirees to Fill Workforce Needs

By Kimberly Kafafian   Everywhere we look, businesses of all sizes, and across all industries and locations, are suffering from unprecedented turnover and struggling to attract new talent. With staggering resignation rates and an incredibly tight labor market we couldn’t have imagined two years ago, organizations are currently focusing efforts on cultivating the right culture. […]

7 Types of Non-Monetary Incentives for Employees

By Kimberly Kafafian   Some of the worst career decisions I made were for bumps in my paycheck. Even worse, there was a direct correlation between more money and more misery. I remember sitting at my desk, working for a then Fortune 100 company thinking, “What had I done?” (That particular company paid employees 40% […]

When Should Employee Performance Problems Be Discussed? (Hint: It’s in Real Time)

By Kimberly Kafafian   An essential part of managing employees is addressing performance issues. I admit, even for the most seasoned People Managers and HR professionals, these are not fun conversations. These conversations are, in fact, one of the most challenging aspects of a manager’s role. Because of that, managers quite often (ok, almost always) […]

How to Intrinsically Motivate Employees

By Kimberly Kafafian   As we head into 2022, I’d like to encourage business leaders to take a closer look at their employee engagement initiatives. Peek under the hood, if you would. With millions of workers leaving their jobs and looking for better options (aka the Great Resignation), this is the time to assess whether […]

Performance Management for Remote Workers

By Kimberly Kafafian   In a magnitude of ways and for a magnitude of reasons, COVID-19 (and oh hello, Omicron variant) continues to turn our worlds upside down. Remote work, telework, working from home, working from anywhere, virtual work, and hybrid work are all real things now. But what happens when managers, business owners and […]