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How to Deal with End of the Year Burnout

By Kimberly Kafafian

If you’re living in a state of overwhelm during the month of December, you’re not alone. Although the holiday classic claims it’s the most wonderful time of the year, for many people it’s extremely stressful and anxiety-ridden. You’re juggling work duties, holiday to-do’s, normal responsibilities, end of year deadlines, and a jam-packed social calendar – there just isn’t enough time to tackle everything on your plate. All of the stressors can start to build up, leading to burnout – but you don’t have to let it overtake you. Here are some ways to help you deal with the end of the year chaos.

Tips for Tackling Burnout

Prioritize Projects

Assess your workload and organize the tasks based on importance. Figure out which items need to be completed immediately and those that can be pushed off until the new year. If you aren’t sure which projects are more critical, arrange for a meeting with your manager. And if you can delegate some of the work, do so – but just make sure you aren’t piling too much onto the person to whom you’re delegating.

Take Time Off

Sometimes you just need to refresh and recharge. Although last minute requests for a long vacation may not be approved, use as much of your PTO as you can. Decompressing outside of the workplace can help provide the calm that your body and mind are craving.

Focus on Self-Care

Just as you put everything else on your calendar, set aside time to care for yourself. Take frequent breaks, get enough sleep, and do things you enjoy. Make time to go for a walk or do some breathing exercises. All of this will help you to destress during this hectic time of year.

Set Work-Life Boundaries

Don’t let the line between work and life become blurred. Set boundaries to preserve your sanity. Stop checking email after hours and let work know you do not want to be contacted during your PTO unless it’s an emergency. If you work from home, take lunch breaks and close the office door after you’re done for the day. 

Ask for Help

If you’re experiencing burnout, it’s important to seek help. Ask your manager to adjust your workload or reassign tasks. Meet with HR to find out what kind of mental health benefits your company offers. Let your family and friends know what you are going through so they can offer their support.

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