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Labor Laws for Remote Workers – Be In the Know

By Dan Darabaris   The pandemic has changed where we work, and for many businesses this opens up the potential to have employees working in many states other than that of the business. To stay compliant, employers need to not only have a pulse on the tax, business, and employment laws in the state where […]

Employee Refuses to Sign Handbook – What to Do

By Dan Darabaris   Employee handbooks are an important HR tool for any company. They outline everything from routines, such as start times and how to call in sick, to benefits, vacation, and overtime, to most importantly, policies, procedures, and rules. With so much key information contained in this document, it’s important to have employees […]

Reverse Mentoring Benefits  Employers and Employees

By Nicole Martin   Hearing the word mentoring usually conjures up images of an older, more experienced person guiding a younger worker on their career path. This is the traditional concept that many of us have experienced, whether we were the mentor or mentee. But there is a more modern version which is becoming increasingly […]

How to Be a Good Mentor in the Workplace

By Nicole Martin   Mentoring someone at work is a great way to share your knowledge for the benefit of another. But it’s not just about providing information, guidance, or training. Being a good mentor also involves supporting and understanding your mentee as they move forward on their career journey. If you’ve taken on the […]

How to Find a Good Mentor at Work

By Nicole Martin   The right mentor can propel your career on a positive trajectory. The valuable feedback and advice they share can help you land that coveted promotion, put you on the optimal path forward, or even open your eyes to new career opportunities. But just how do you go about finding the right […]

How to Set Career Goals for the New Year

By Nicole Martin   December is the perfect time to set yourself up for career success in the coming year. By making goals now, you can get a jump start on a course of action that will help you achieve professional aspirations. I recommend focusing in on specific and challenging goals, as doing so can […]

Human Rights and Human Resource Management Are Intertwined

By Nicole Martin   Companies have a responsibility to respect and protect their employees’ human rights – both ethically and legally. While such respect and protection should be embedded throughout all business functions, human resource management team members are those most closely entrenched in the concept. They are the team members tasked with creating policies […]

What Does Equity in the Workplace Mean?

By Nicole Martin   Equity in the workplace is frequently the focus of articles on building an inclusive culture, typically highlighted in DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) training, and often addressed in news features on workplace topics, such as pay disparity. While the buzzword is familiar, what “equity” exactly means is not always clear […]